PLANCHETTE, an experiential production combining magic, theater and the story of a Baltimore icon, premiering October 2015

PLANCHETTE, an experiential theatre production and collaboration between Baltimore based playwright Annelise Montone and actor/magician Brian M. Kehoe, will premiere in October, 2015 at the historic Carroll Mansion.


Mr. Kehoe plays the role of noted parapsychologist and researcher of the Ouija® Talking Board, Maxwell Fink, who will lead guests through a truly thrilling evening of theater, magic and mystery. Audiences will be among the very first to experience The Fink Method for Contacting the Dead and its tenants of TRUST, COHESION and TRANSMISSION.

Not many realize that the origins of the Ouija® board lie in Baltimore city. PLANCHETTE will explore those origins, beginning with a bitter feud between brothers that may continue even now, even beyond the grave. PLANCHETTE was inspired by turn-of-the-century “phantasmagorical” rituals designed to lift the veil and contact the other side. Be warned, though : when a Door opens, there’s no telling what will come through. When the dead speak, they might be talking to you.

“I approached Annelise last year about creating an interactive stage show that combined my background as an actor and magician with a uniquely Baltimorean story,” says Brian M. Kehoe. “The Ouija® board is something that everyone is familiar with, but most people don’t know was invented here. PLANCHETTE is my attempt to honor this city and all things that are great and weird about it.”

“PLANCHETTE is one of the most interesting collaborations I’ve ever been a part of,” says Annelise Montone, playwright. “It’s not only a glimpse into the history of one of Baltimore’s most famous exports, the board, it’s also an exploration of the psychological components of magic shows and séances. You don’t necessarily have to believe. But we’re going to make you want to believe. And I think that’s thrilling.”

Performances will take place Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through October 2015. All performances at 8pm. PLANCHETTE will be held at The Carroll Mansion, 800 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202.

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This September: B-MORE | RESILIENT Rowhouse Design Competition Exhibition on display at the Carroll Mansion

bmore resilient copy 
Carroll Museums is please to partner with AIABaltimore to house their upcoming exhibition, B-MORE | RESILIENT Rowhouse Design Competition, at the historic Carroll Mansion.

This competition focuses on how to provide innovative design solutions to transform Baltimore City’s existing vacant housing stock to be more resilient. The competition is a partnership among AIABaltimore and Baltimore City Planning Department, Office of Housing and Community Development, Office of Sustainability, and Morgan State University School of Architecture + Planning to encourage designs that can help provide real ideas to solve real problems.

The opening reception is September 17th. Visit AIABaltimore for more information and to RSVP for the opening reception.